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A Presentation of Gruesome Poetics

by The Drip

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The Goon
The Goon thumbnail
The Goon It's nice to hear a band bring something different to the grind table. They have now ascended my podium of grind medalists to join the likes of Agents of Abhorrence, Napalm Death, Nasum and Beaten to Death.
John Chaos Alexander
John Chaos Alexander thumbnail
John Chaos Alexander Very nice Grind Favorite track: Bygones Only Burn Once.
MEGAHAWK DUANE II If this was a cookie you would bleed acid like a fucking xenomorph after consumption. Delicious murderous rampage-eriffic volcanocore. Favorite track: Bygones Only Burn Once.
Deron Baker
Deron Baker thumbnail
Deron Baker I was half asleep when I started playing this on my phone ... woke me straight up and I leaped to my laptop to down it. Not even Ambien can stop the awesome power of this album.
happycadaver thumbnail
happycadaver Best grindcore album of the year so far!
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Washington State’s THE DRIP roar onto the scene with a blasting EP of filthy, angry grind. An absolute must for fans of all of the ferocious forefathers of grind-Napalm Death, Nasum, Rotten Sound, etc. This is a relentlessly skull crushing record of pissed off, high energy, barbaric grind. This hate is timeless

Releases April 15, 2014

Relapse Records


released April 15, 2014

Relapse Records



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The Drip Richland, Washington

Washington State quintet THE DRIP deliver an uncompromising debut full-length of merciless, grindcore ferocity on 'The Haunting Fear of Inevitability.' The record fuses the rawest elements of crust, powerviolence, d-beat and grind. Produced by Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust and mastered by Brad Boatright (Skeletonwitch, Gatecreeper, Weekend Nachos). ... more

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Track Name: Catalyst
Few see but a glimpse of we, the facate of a entity, its the difference in you and me, there are many ways to see, simultaneously
Put a smile, on your face, just to rip it off
Nowaaahhh feed the fire feed the fire and watch it transpire, burning away, all you are
Track Name: Rise to Failure
Growing inside, its boiling
down to this, i wanna tear off your skin, individual layers of thin.
What’d you say, know your place, why can't you say it to my fucking face, is this the only fucking way, were gonna have to sort this out my way
Dead eyes and transparent ego, it was a long time ago that you finally let go,
The way it hits, like a piano dropped from a bridge crashing so elegantly
So What the fuck were you expecting? Another rise to another failure?
Goin nowhere but the top from here, this isn't a rise to failure. Risen to failure. Rise. To. Fail.ure. Risen to failure
Track Name: Bygones Only Burn Once
Break, can you hear me, cause im screaming in your face
There's something i have been meaning to tell to all, so come in real close
When past shows up at your door, to make your life even shittier than before, bridge already fell, so why rebuild?
For the last time you'll be somebody else's ticket, to what they want, to take from you,
Never really even liked you anyway, or fell for your bullshit,
Two peas in pod, how transparent
For the last time you youll, be somebody else's ticket, to what they want to get out of you
Track Name: Black Screen
Standing at the, edge, the precipice, the uninhabited void.
So close to the end.
You'll be devoured, nothing left, long forgotten, nothing left of you, changed to a new
Now be devoured, loathing test, lost and sought when, you are devoured, contort and skew.
The black screen, the abominable demise, contorted and compressed even screams can't flee
The abominable black screen, gravitational pull, like a nightmare its darkness weighs, on your body and soul.
Track Name: Siren
Sickening, allure, straight to the core,
silver tongued sullen wench, your a fallacy, this isn't coincidence, and its always gonna be like this, do i mean to you what you mean to me or am, i living a fucking fantasy, crush me between your thighs and leave me to die
Enticing visage, soaking in all you're splendor, i want to be inside of you
Im enamored Im Im enthralled my hearts pounding
Its all i hear i must obey your call
Slithering tongue snaking around
The curve of my cock swallow it down
Flesh after flesh, she fucks the best, her carnivorous sexdrive will be your unrest,
Loathe in her lust, fuck all the rest, chocking on satisfaction till you get one gasp, the call of the siren it will, not be ignored
Track Name: Lash In, Lash Out
We come with a vengeance acossting so-cioty, noise pollution, and you're falling to our influence, faster, louder, its raging inside, ignite the fi-re,
so cmon now lash in lash out, so let it out now, lash in lash out now bring the walls down, so let it out now, follow, me down to the darkest depths spill my guts on the table, a presentation, of gruesome, poetics, faster, louder, its raging inside, ignite the fire,
so cmon now lash in lash out, so let it out now, lash in lash out now bring the walls down, so let it out now,
I said to fucking let it out.